Leelo's Magic Adhesive Lash Pen

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Lash glue and eyeliner in one. Why buy two products when you can have one that does 2 jobs. Prolong the life of your Leelo's lashes with little to no residue. No more messy glue. Just simply apply the liner wait 5 seconds and place your lash easily and hassle free. The eyeliner adhesive pen is amazing it sticks the eyelash instantly. Save yourself the trouble of getting a eyelash glue and buying a eyeliner. Get yourself this amazing combo today!

Magic eyeliner -No glue No magnet The Best Replacement for Glue.

Fast and Easy - Makes eyelines adhesive for eyelashes to stay.

No Nasty Glue - Your best choice if you are allergic to glue or hate it.

No Heavy Magnets - No need of magnetic lashes with this eyeliner.

100% Safe - Mild and skin-friendly ingredient used.

Weatherproof - Rainy or windy, you will always be shining.

Long-Lasting - Keeps the lashes on until you want it gone.




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